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There are a range of treatment options available for atopic dermatitis, be it oral treatments, creams and injections for the more moderate-to-severe cases. Likewise, some of the treatments can be found on the shelf at your local pharmacy, while others require a prescription from your healthcare professional.

Remember everybody responds to treatments differently – work with your doctor to find the right treatment, or combination of treatments, for your specific needs.

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Non-drug products

There are also non-drug products that may be used to help prevent dryness. Look for these products on the shelf at your local pharmacy.

Hydrating creams

What are they?

Hydrating creams are products that contain moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramides or colloidal oatmeal, to help improve the skin’s moisture barrier and increase skin hydration.

Hydrating creams are cosmetics that are available over-the-counter.

How do they work?

Depending on the ingredients that they contain, hydrating creams work in a variety of ways to relieve dryness. Some creams work by improving the skin’s moisture barrier and increasing skin hydration.

How often do you use them?

Hydrating creams should be used after every bath or shower to help seal the moisture in your skin. They can also be applied several times throughout the day.

How are they administered?

Hydrating creams should be applied directly to the affected area(s) while your skin is still damp. This will trap moisture in the skin.

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